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The fabric called Fibertex Sandbox™ can be used in the sandbox to avoid the sand getting mixed with the dirt. At the same time, it prevents weeds from growing up through the sand in the sandbox.

Step 1

Build the sandbox. 


Step 2

Place Fibertex Sandbox™ in the bottom of the sandbox and up along the sides. Make sure that the membrane is fastened to the sandbox all the way around the edges.


Step 3

Fill the sandbox with sand so it is ready for playing in. Fibertex Sandbox™ can also be used to cover the sandbox.


Fibertex Sandbox

Fibertex Sandbox

User manual for Fibertex Sandbox™

You can find and print the user manual for the Fibertex Sandbox™ you have purchased for your sandbox here. 

User manual for Fibertex Sandbox™