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"I use Fibertex all the places where ground elders and stinging nettles grow. 

Three or four years ago, I placed WeedSeal® directly above the ground elders under the trees in my back garden. On top, I laid 20-30 cm of wood chips, and no weeds have yet progressed through the fabric!Lise Mortensen"

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Lise Mortensen, Havnsø (Denmark)

Garden bed along driveway

Avoid weeds in your garden beds

Just think how nice it would be if you could relax in your garden during weekends instead of working hard getting rid of the weeds.

WeedSeal® is the short cut you have been looking for.
The black weed control fabric can also be used on slopes. In the picture to the right, weed control fabric has been laid out on the slope between two neighbours. Crushed granite has been laid on top of the fabric. 
Garden bed - Use of WeedSeal

Inspiration and ideas

Here you can find inspiration for the use of weed control fabric in garden beds.  

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User manual for the product: WeedSeal®

You can find and print the user manual for the Fibertex  WeedSeal® you have purchased for your garden beds here.  

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Weed Control Fabric on a slope

Here you can see an example of how to place a weed control fabric on a slope.  

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Fibertex Quality GardeningBrochure

The products in Fibertex Quality Gardening are used all over the garden.

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