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Inspiration for your new terrace

Beautiful terraces and garden paths enhance any garden. Unfortunately, the problems of keeping the terrace free from anthills and the annoyance of uneven paving can become too much for even the most enthusiastic garden owner. To avoid this, you should put Fibertex Patio® under the flagstone paving.

Making a new terrace is hard work and requires thorough preparation. It can easily become an expensive project. Therefore it is important to secure an attractive and long-lasting result.

Terrace - Use of Patio

Inspiration and ideas

A large and attractive terrace with room for relaxing with your family is always wonderful. We all know the enjoyable barbecue evenings in the summer. You could for example create a pattern in your terrace.  
Here you can see how to make a terrace with a semi-circle. 
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User manual for the product: Fibertex Patio®

You can find and print the user manual for the Fibertex  Patio® you have purchased for your terrace here. 

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