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Garden inspiration

The Fibertex membranes can be used anywhere in the garden. Only your imagination sets the limits! Below you can see examples on additional applications. 





Inspiration 1

Wooden terraces are very nice and fit well in with natural surroundings. Unfortunately, weeds often grow up between the boards. WeedSeal® (the black weed fabric) should therefore be placed underneath the wooden terrace.

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Wooden terrace

Inspiration 2




Fibertex Universal® can also be used in the sandbox to avoid the sand being mixed with the dirt. At the same time, it also prevents the weeds from growing up through the sand in the sandbox.




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Inspiration 3

The use of WeedSeal® is also ideal in vegetable gardens. Strawberries are tasty and decorative. Plant the strawberry plants in the weed control fabric to make the vegetable garden as maintenance-free as possible. 




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Inspiration 4




Fibertex Patio® can also be used for drains to separate the drain materials from the soil.  




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Inspiration 5




WeedSeal® can be used for all kinds of garden beds to avoid weeds.   




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Hegerow plants