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Wooden flooring

Use Fibertex under your wooden floor

A wooden floor with Woodback® Pro as underlay is always pleasant to walk on. It feels warmer because Woodback® Pro improves the insulation of the floor. At the same time, the noise level in the room is reduced. This becomes very clear when many people walk on the floor.

Lasts for many years

With Woodback® Pro as underlay for your new wooden floor, you have a solution that will last for the entire lifetime of the floor. It does not rot, dissolves or crumble. The back is also elastic, so irregularities in the concrete / underlay are adjusted.

Wooden flooring - Use of WoodBack

The environmental solution

Woodback® Pro is the environmentally safe solution when choosing underlays for wooden floors. The material does not in any way put a strain on the environment or the indoor climate in your home. Woodback® Pro is manufactured without use of chemicals, PVC, polyurethane or similar, so the material becomes water and carbon dioxide when incinerated.

Have you used Fibertex for your project?

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Inspiration and ideas

A wooden floor is very attractive and modern. Here you can see an example of how to use Woodback® Pro to minimize the noise from footsteps

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User manual for the product: Woodback®

Find and print the user manual for the Fibertex Woodback® you have purchased for your wooden floor here.

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