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"I used Matex on my wooden staircase during general renovation of the house, and I was happy with it. 

The product nicely covered the whole staircase, and can be used several times.

It made walking on the stairs much safer, and protected the stairs from scratches and damages.

Usually, workers have to take off their shoes, but not when using Matex.

After removing Matex from the stairs, the stairs' edges felt sticky. I just swabbed them with warm, soapy water, and the floors were quickly cleaned.

Next time I move, I am definitely going to use Matex."

Helena Holcmanová, Svitavy
(Czech Republic)

Protect the floors when you paint

If you want to protect your floors, for instance when painting, repairing, rebuilding or moving, you should use MATEX™.

The MATEX™ fabric is laminated with a strong anti-slip foil, so the floors will not be damaged by paint drops. It also prevents you and any ladder from slipping on the floor.

MATEX™ can be used on all kinds of floors - and for several applications.

Why use MATEX™

  • MATEX protects your floor against paint drops, scratches and pressure markings
  • MATEX has anti-slip foil which prevents you from slipping
  • MATEX is easy to cut and use
  • MATEX can be used several times

Matex 220F

Suitable for PVC floors, laminate and wooden floors, carpets etc. 

Colour: Multi-coloured


How to use MATEX™

MATEX™ is very easy to use. Remove everything from the floor and unroll MATEX™. You can then start painting. 

MATEX™ can also be used, if you just want to protect the floors when moving or rebuilding.