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Did you know that...

Fibertex is owned by Aktieselskabet Schouw & Co.  

Optimal sound absorption and a pleasant indoor climate

Wooden floors should be pleasant to walk on. With a good and solid base, you will notice that the noise level is strongly reduced. Woodback® Pro absorbs the sound and ensures a more pleasant indoor environment. 

A sound test performed at Aalborg Universitet in Denmark has shown that Woodback® Pro has excellent sound absorbing qualities. Woodback® Pro was compared with PE-foam and Thermofelt. Woodback® Pro resulted in by far the lowest noise level.

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Wooden flooring - Use of WoodBack

Protect your floors when you paint

If you want to protect your floors, for instance when painting, repairing, rebuilding or moving, you should use MATEX™.

The MATEX™ fabric is laminated with a strong anti-slip foil, so the floors will not be damaged by paint drops. It also prevents you and any ladder from slipping on the floor.

MATEX™ can be used on all kinds of floors - and for several applications.

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