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More inspiration and ideas

Be inspired by more garden tips. 

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Top 4 list of good advice

1. Garden: Avoid weeds underneath the wooden terrace

With WeedSeal® underneath your wooden terrace, you will prevent the weeds from growing up between the boards. 

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Wooden terrace - Use of WeedSeal

2. Garden: Avoid weeds in the garden beds

If you are looking for minimal maintenance in your garden, you should use WeedSeal®. WeedSeal® is a weed control fabric that prevents weeds from growing up into your garden bed from below. 

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Garden bed - Use of WeedSeal

3. House: Keep the noise from walking on wooden flooring to a minimum

A wooden floor is beautiful, but it can make an awful noise when walked on. With WoodBack® underneath your wooden floor, you will obtain optimal sound absorption and a pleasant indoor climate.

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Wooden flooring - Use of WoodBack

4. Camping: Avoid cold and damp

At the beginning of the camping season, there may be a draught along the floor in the awning. If you place ComfortCarpet™ between the plastic barrier / wooden floor and the awning carpet, you will keep cold and damp at bay. 

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Camping - Use of ComfortCarpet