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We always like to hear about your experiences with the use of Fibertex. Please send us an
e-mail - preferably with an attached photo of yourself.

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Why use WeedSeal®?

"I use Fibertex all the places where ground elders and stinging nettles grow. 
Three or four years ago, I placed Fibertex WeedSeal® directly above the ground elders under the trees in my back garden. On top of  the weed control fabric, I laid 20-30 cm of wood chips, and no weeds have yet progressed through the fabric! So when I make improvements in my garden, I make them as 'maintenance-free' as possible by placing the weed control fabric underneath the wood chips or the bark. Then, I have more time for all the 'fun'."

Lise Mortensen, Havnsø (Denmark)

Heidi Strehmel - Denmark

Why use RootSeal™?

"I wanted to plant a couple of sea buckthorns and blackthorns in my garden, but was warned about the fact that their roots spread aggresively when throwing out suckers. 
On the Internet, I searched for information on root barriers and found Fibertex RootSeal™. It is so easy to work with, and I actually managed to do my project all by myself. I had feared to extend the lanes of Rootseal™, but when fastening the 2 lanes with standard staples and bending them as desribed in the user manual, it went painlessly. I didn't need 8 arms to have everything under control. On a scale from 1 to 10, I give RootSeal™ 10."

Heidi Strehmel, Marrebæk (Denmark)

Why use Matex Deluxe?

"I used Matex Deluxe on my wooden staircase during general renovation of the house, and I was happy with it.  

The product nicely covered the whole staircase, and can be used several times. It made walking on the stairs much safer, and protected the stairs from scratches and damages. Usually, workers have to take off their shoes, but not when using Matex Deluxe.

After removing Matex Deluxe from the stairs, the stairs' edges felt sticky. I just swabbed them with warm, soapy water, and the floors were quickly cleaned. Next time I move, I am definitely going to use Matex Deluxe."

Helena Holcmanová, Svitavy (Czech Republic)